IoT Data Analyst

The "IoT Data Analyst" qualification has been designed for professionals and technicians of Small and Medium Enterprises that intend to manage and operate with data generated by IoT devices. The training course, after a review of IoT technologies and business models, provides a focus on IoT devices, sensors and architectures. Then, the course focuses on the characterists and fuctionalities of the main IoT platforms and on the collection, processing and analysis of data, concluding with topics of networking and security.

Module 1: IoT technology and business strategy 1.00
Module 2: Device architecture and sensors 1.00
Module 3: Networking and Security 1.00
Module 4: IoT data analysis 1.00
Module 5: IoT platforms 1.00
TOTAL 5.00


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Special Session on IoT Education: : 19 April 2018 - EDUCON2018 Conference - Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Forth Partners' Meeting: : May 2018 - Caparica (Portugal)

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Fifth Partners' Meeting: : October 2018 - Berlin (Germany)

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