Analysis of wind data

Author: FHM ⓘ
Use: Free use with ThingSpeak account
Tags: Raspberry Pi, ThingSpeak, Data collection
Requirements: Web browser
Description: For this demonstrator wind data (direction and speed) are delivered from an Arduino-based Weather Station (not part of this demonstrator) to a cloud based data aggregator. Data of a variable period of time are stored there . On the ThingSpeak aggregator site runs an analyses algorithm. Out of the available data this algorithm produces an aggregated vector presentation of the wind data (compass presentation). Students learn how to develop, test and run an simple analyses algorithm. In particular the learning goal is
  • Understand the system design
  • Develop and understand the analyses algorithm
  • Operate programming tools on an cloud based aggregator site
  • Extract collected data from a message stream
  • Program the analyses and the visualisation on aggregator site
  • Run the algorithm and interpret the results


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