IoT4SMEs - Activities and Results

O2 - IoT4SMEs Qualifications

Leader: EFFEBI
Co-leader: KSTP

The output consists of a set of qualifications in the area of IoT. These qualifications, designed according to the European lifelong learning instruments (EQF, ECVET and EQAVET), will allow the students of the project to acquire certifications that can be spent in the labour market.

• O2/A1 – Define the structure and the learning outcomes of the 4 professional qualifications - Responsible: EFFEBI
• O2/A2 – Training curricula and learning modules - Responsible: EFFEBI
• O2/A3 – Methods for assessment of Learning Outcomes - Responsible: EFFEBI
• O2/A4 – Provide ECVET guidelines for mobility and lifelong learning - Responsible: EFFEBI


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Professional Qualification IoT4SMES - Short description

Professional Qualification IoT4SMES - Extended description Methods for assessment of Learning Outcomes IoT4SMEs ECVET Guidelines


Last Events

Last Partners' Meeting: : May 2019 - Rome (Italy)
Special Session on IoT Education: : April 2019 - EDUCON2019 Conference - Dubai (UAE)

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