Showcase: Cargotech

Description: Cargotech, a cargo handling solution company, adopts IoT solutions for predictive maintenance and intuitive data services.

Tags: IoT platform, predictive maintenance, intuitive data services, IoT in the naval market

Showcase: Adidas

Description: Adidas in partnership with Siemens has realized an automatic factory to increase its efficiency and time to market.

Tags: smart manufacturing, robotics, 3D printing

Showcase: Intel-Mobileye

Description: Intel-Mobileye uses IoT technologies to implement a new tool that provides autonomous driving with greater safety.

Tags: sensors, autonomous driving, IoT platform

Showcase: Sogei

Description: Sogei provides an augumented reality integrated solution for asset, inventory management and maintenance activities. It is a replication of the data center (CED) in 3D.

Tags: IoT, augumented reality, digital twin, on-site maintenance, indoor navigation

Showcase: Soft Strategy

Description: IoT services offered through the 'Internet of Everything' Service Line include both hardware and software solutions tailored to customer needs.

Tags: IoT infrastructure, single board computer, indoor positioning, augumented reality, beacon infrastructure, GPS, IoT software platform

Showcase: Siemens

Description:Siemens operates a system to precisely monitor lightning strikes. The German MarcanT AG offered an M2M solution to transmit the data lightning fast for further analysis.

Tags: IoT, meteorology, tracking, sensor networks

Showcase: Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH

Description: The MarcanT AG empowerd the public utilities company of the city of Bielefeld, to monitor their gas and electricity meters remotely. Maintenance work can be scheduled more efficiently and customers can follow up on their energy consumption.

Tags: IoT, public utilities, monitoring

Showcase: Smart Post-Box

Description: The core idea of the product is to inform the owner of a post-box about its content remotely.

Tags: IoT, smarthouse, remote monitoring

Showcase: Smart Radiators

Description: The purpose of the solution is to transform a basic radiator into a smart one. A device with the installed software connects to cloud computing databases, sends information and receives user-oriented commands, which alert the user about critical situation.

Tags: IoT, smarthouse, energy, remote monitoring

Showcase: Gazbee

Description: Gazbee is a managed service designed to allow petroleum and other liquid suppliers to maintain high fill efficiency and optimize distribution routes.

Tags: IoT service, remote monitoring

Showcase: Industrial Shields

Description: Industrial Shields designs and produces the first industrial equipment (PLC) based on the Arduino platform for a professional use.

Tags: IoT, Arduino, industry, PLC

Showcase: Cisco

Description: Stanley Black & Decker turns to Cisco and AeroScout for visibility and productivity gains in Latin America plant.

Tags: IoT, production, productivity, industry, supply chain

Showcase: Tiger's Commercial Kitchen Monitoring

Description: Tiger Design’s solution is solving issues related to the monitoring of temperatures in restaurants and provide additional value by improving energy efficiencies.

Tags: IoT, wireless modules, energy, monitoring solution

Showcase: eMotorWerks

Description: The Zentri platform allowed eMotorWerks to redesign its initial IoT prototype for Juicebox in just 3.5 weeks, transforming the Wi-Fi connection from around 50% to nearly 100% reliability.

Tags: IoT, IoT infrastructure

Showcase: See Your Box: real-time monitoring for the fine arts

Description: See Your Box (SYB) service pro-actively prevents and manages logistic risks by providing real-time information and instantaneous alerts related to mishandling of goods.

Tags: IoT, IoT service, monitoring solution

Showcase: See Your Box: real-time monitoring for the food industry.

Description: The devices perform real-time monitoring during storage and road transportation and are working as data loggers during cargo/boat shipping. Data are downloaded in proximity of any land or transit harbors.

Tags: IoT, IoT service, monitoring solution

Showcase: SHoW Motion

Description: SHoW Motion is a translation technology that permits easily and quickly to perform an in depth real time measurement of a movement everywhere, without the need of a dedicated environment or experienced technicians.

Tags: IoT, IoT platforms, motion tracking, monitoring solution

Showcase: CardioID

Description: CardioID provides solutions to mitigate fatigue-related incidents, while simultaneously verifying worker identity, contributing to the improvement of safety and security.

Tags: IoT, IoT services

Showcase: Findster

Description: Findster is the new technology developed in Portugal for locating children and animals.

Tags: IoT, IoT services, monitoring solution

Showcase: Osservatori

Description: The Politecnico di Milano Observatory clarifies 6 definitions of the most innovative technological concepts.

Tags: IoT, IoT technology, innovation

Showcase: Valmet Automotive

Description: Valmet Automotive speeds up the production of the new SUV of Mercedes-Benz, in addition to reducing costs and service times.

Tags: IoT, IoT services, IoT solutions

Showcase: V by Vodafone

Description: V by Vodafone facilitates the connections of a large number of products in order to strengthen the safety of people and the possessions of consumers.

Tags: IoT, IoT technology, innovation

Showcase: Rivalta Scrivia

Description: Rivalta Scrivia provides greater security in the facilities, in the field of fire prevention, intrusion and access control, streamline delivery times, control and monitoring of merchandise, security and monitoring in terrestrial, maritime and air shipments.

Tags: IoT, IoT services, IoT solutions

Showcase: SOPHIA

Description: SOPHIA, a platform for Industrial Internet of the Things.

Tags: IoT, IoT technology, innovation, Industrial Internet of Things