IFTTT Web Service

Author: Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO ⓘ Access here!
Use: Commercial with free plan ⓘ , mobile installation ⓘ
Tags: IoT applets
Requirements: Some applications require addition hardware
Description: IFTTT is a platform designed to create simple applets for mobile devices. The applets are designed as chains of conditional statements and are triggered by changes that occour in the mobile devices (due to other web services like the Calendar, Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, etc) or in external devices (sensors) connected to the mobile devices. Due to this characteristic, the platform is an optimal solution to easily design applets for IoT applications. Apart from supporting the creation of new applets, the platform includes a huge collection of existing IoT applets. The applets support Android and iOS.
With this demonstrator it is possible to explore the potential of IoT technologies, by browsing a selected list of applets representing different IoT applications.


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