Raspberry Pi Virtual Image

Author: UNED ⓘ Access here!
Use: Commercial licence ⓘ, installation ⓘ
Tags: Raspberry Pi simulator, Virtual image
Requirements: Students must install a virtual machine manager in therir computers
Description: Virtual image of the Raspbian OS that simulates the Raspberry Pi desktop and environment. It allows Python coding and understanding of most of the Raspbian. options.
This demonstrator will not require maintenance from the partnership, since the students will download and execute it in their own computers. Thus it will allow concurrent users accessing at the same time to the system, which is very positive for an on-line massive environment like the one proposed in the project. Regarding registration, the demonstrator will not require any registration.
With this demonstrator it is possible to learn how to program in Python and obtain a Raspberry Pi training thanks to the possibility of simple write and read operations to the GPIOs. In addition, this demonstrator allows interaction with IoT platforms through HTTP requests and with the Raspberry Pi desktop.


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