Analysis of meteo data

Author: FHM ⓘ Access here!
Use: Free use with ThingSpeak account
Tags: Raspberry Pi, ThingSpeak, Data collection
Requirements: Web browser
Description: For this demonstrator weather data (rain, temperature, barometric pressure) are delivered from an Arduino-based Weather Station (not part of this demonstrator) to a cloud based data aggregator. Data of a variable period of time are stored there. On the ThinSpeak aggregator site various analyses algorithms are running. Out of the available data these algorithms are producing
  • Plotted presentation of the dew point over time (part/a),
  • Plotted presentation of a rain bar diagram and a diagram pressure vs. time including a trendline (part/b),
  • Plotted presentations of filtered temperature data after treatment (clean-up) when data were outside the range (Outliers) by two filtering algorithms.
Students learn how to develop, test and run various medium level analyses algorithms. In particular the learning goal is
  • Understand the system design
  • Develop and understand the analyses algorithms
  • Operate programming tools on an cloud based aggregator site
  • Extract collected data from a message stream
  • Program the analyses and the visualisation on aggregator site (in MATLAB)
  • Run the algorithm and interpret the results


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